Total Body Balance

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Sessions 4 & 5: Time for (more) Action!

Key themes today:

  • Understand the main medication types for pain and their pros/cons.
  • Medication MAY be a tool to help you tackle rehab.
  • You need to challenge your pain system for it to change.
  • Active strategies are the key long term.
  • Exercise is especially important in long term pain.
  • Don’t avoid pain, but don’t regularly flare up.
  • Steady, paced progression.
  • Gradually expose yourself and your body to challenges in a deliberate, regular way.
  • Don’t avoid problem movements forever, desensitise them.
  • Who can you use to help you?


Consider using a written plan, like the one we have provided in this course.

You may need to take time initially to measure the things that flare you up so that you can successfully tackle graded exposure and paced rehab.

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Session 1: How and Why Things Hurt

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Session 2: Retraining The Pain Systems. Start Here…

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Session 3: Tipping The Balance

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Sessions 4 & 5: Time for (more) Action

Learning Aims and Info

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