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Above image: The cover of the multi-page personalised plan for patients completing the RECOVER course

Topic: Immune System


General health and immune function in pain.  A talk by Dr Keiran O’Sullivan, a little fast-paced because it was delivered to clinicians.



How does the immune system affect my pain and what can I do about it? Good written summary- although the video is definitely NOT worth watching.


Topic: Sleep


Sleep and Pain. One of the best pages around regarding these 2 linked things. Strangely, for such a good web page, I don’t think the video is helpful at all.


Sleep checklist used in the session today:


How does exercise affect sleep:



Unfortunately I haven’t found any great online videos on healthy sleep habits. 

This one is OK (a bit cheesey), covers 9 of the main ideas, but some at the end that are probably useless:

The problem with most sleep videos is that they are either incomplete with their advice OR they focus far too heavily on all the negative things that might be linked to poor sleep.  This will only stress-out poor sleepers more!! What a stupid way to do a video about improving sleep!  See the written article HERE that I referenced above.


Topic: Diet


Dietary advice to address inflammation.  The setup of the American Arthritis website isn’t great on a computer, only a little better on a phone, but the info is good.


Australian Heart Foundation have a good page on Omega 3’s:



A great, short talk from Dr Chris Hayes on the effects of stress, diet, and sleep on pain.


A video about diet and inflammation.


Topic: Calming a sensitive nervous system


RELAXATION AND MENTAL HEALTH: A good overall summary page on options for common techniques. Several good videos summarising each one.  This is from the kids’ section of this NSW pain service website, but I think it’s better than the adult section.


A great, short talk from Dr Chris Hayes on the effects of stress, diet, and sleep on pain.



Smiling Mind, Free Mindfulness app.

Google Play (for android devices):

iTunes (for apple devices):



Free Mindfulness course via Monash University:


Progressive muscle relaxation track:

A good example.  Buy from ABC online shop or iTunes:  


Slow, deliberate breathing relaxation exercise tracks as played in the session today:!AnvKefmJBE2A3Q5k2fYbCE7jE4SM




A fantastic, well known video about some of the effects of exercise on health, with many facts and ideas that may surprise you. Can you limit your sleeping and sitting to only 23.5hours per day?  



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