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VIDEOS about how pain works: 

The downside is that the best resources out there that properly explain how pain is produced are written. There really are not many videos (well, really none) we have been able to find online that explain pain production and the pain system clearly or accurately in one video.  Many are either too quick, too technical, leave key bits out or get key bits wrong.  This is the main reason we have created our own video/illustrations that you saw in today’s course. 

  • This one is probably the best companion/overall summary to what we covered in today’s session, and hints at some of what we cover in upcoming sessions. It gives a broad overview of many of the different factors involved in pain:

  • This one is by pain scientist David Butler. If you want to know more about the chemicals in the spinal cord that change the strength of danger signals then watch this.


  • This is a bit different, but also a good follow up. Discusses how beliefs and behaviours can influence pain.  Includes some patient stories.  Just one of the videos on a very extensive website created by some clinicians who are leaders in pain health science and treatment:


  • Get In Depth….. Professor Lorimer Moseley (pain scientist), Pain Revolution. A 21min talk about how pain does and doesn’t work, interesting pain experiments, and how pain changes over time. Covers pain science findings and how they apply to patients.



This resource is not about how pain works, but we used a small grab from one of these podcasts today. Stories from patients who’ve been through persistent pain: Audio only, good for the car or headphones.



Greg Lehman “Recovery Strategies”.  A free PDF book about the science of pain and how to use the knowledge to help recovery.  It covers the same/similar areas as Beleura’s RECOVER course.  Best used in small relevant sections.  Here is a 10 page excerpt PDF most relevant to today’s session- START with that.  It can be useful to read over the same topic, explained a little differently. 

Pain- Greg Lehman, 10 page Excerpt

(If you want the whole 71pg document it’s here:


The most detailed and accurate book about how pain works, written for both patients and clinicians, is EXPLAIN PAIN.  By David Butler and Lorimer Moseley.  Available for purchase in hard copy or PDF at


The companion workbook to Explain Pain is The Protectometer.  Upcoming sessions in RECOVER will cover some of the useful activities and explorations in this great little book.  Also available as an iPad app, Beleura usually has copies available at RRP+$5 to cover P&H. ($35 total)




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