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Session 1: How and Why Things Hurt

Key messages today:

  • Pain is weird. Pain is complex. Pain is NOT simply a measure of damage to our tissues.
  • There are MANY things that contribute to the pain that we feel. This is normal. These many factors are involved in pain for EVERYONE.


What do we want you to take away from today?

  • Understand the basics of how pain works.
  • Understand how pain can go up or down for many reasons. This is not necessarily because your body is more, or less, damaged.
  • Be able to identify some things that could be affecting your pain that you may be able to change.


Upcoming sessions will look at recovery, rehabilitation and pain reduction strategies in more detail.  We will also further explore ‘danger’ and ‘safety’ factors in pain as introduced today.

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Spinal cord signal

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Session 1: How and Why Things Hurt

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Session 2: Retraining The Pain Systems. Start Here…

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Session 3: Tipping The Balance

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Sessions 4 & 5: Time for (more) Action

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