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Beleura Health Solutions, Hastings

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40 Victoria Street, Hastings, VIC. 3915

Phone : (03) 5979 3737

Fax : (03) 5979 4114



Mon – Thurs 9am – 7pm

Fri 9am – 6pm

Sat 8:40am – 1pm

Physios: Lachlan, Liana, Ryan, Kevin, Mac, Olga

Myotherapy: Sean

Exercise Physiology: Justin

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Beleura Health Solutions, Mornington

If you are looking for our former partner clinics in Mornington on Nepean Hwy or at Bentons Square please note that these clinics are now known as Lifecare Beleura Mornington Physiotherapy and Lifecare Beleura Bentons Physiotherapy and can now be found on separate websites.  Click the relevant clinic name to be redirected to the correct website.

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