Total Body Balance

GLA:D®  is the best first-line treatment for hip & knee osteoarthritis, and is recommended by many orthopaedic surgeons.

Running from our spacious Hastings exercise area with our GLA:D® certified physiotherapists Kevin & Liana. See below to book online.

GLA:D® or Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark is an evidence-based education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

The GLA:D® program uses education and exercise to help with daily activities. You will work on strengthening your body as well as learning to move correctly and manage symptoms to improve pain.

75% of patients considering joint replacement surgery no longer feel the need at the end of a GLA:D course.

Further info from the official GLA:D Australia site HERE

The sessions consist of:

  • A first appointment to explain the program and measure your current functional ability.
  • Two education sessions to teach you about OA, its risk factors, treatment options and self-management outside of the program.
  • 12 group exercise sessions over 6-12 weeks.

*Medicare and private health rebate can be applied to the prices below for eligible patients

  • Baseline assessment and consultation (1-to-1, 40 min), $127
  • GLA:D home exercise equipment pack, 2 x education sessions (1hr) & 12 x supervised exercise sessions (1hr), $649
  • 3 month follow-up 1-to-1 consultation, $99.50


Call us on (03) 5979 3737.

If you would like to ask about anything relating to this program we can arrange for one of our experienced physiotherapists to speak to you.

OR Book an “INITIAL CONSULTATION” with our GLA:D physiotherapists Kevin Ngo or Liana Cope.


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