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Session 2.  Retraining the pain systems. Start here…

Key themes today:

  • ‘Bioplasticity’ refers to the body’s ability to change.  This ability to change often makes pain become more persistent or worse over time.  However a common saying in this field is “Bioplasticity got you into this mess. Bioplasticity can get you out again.”
  • MANY different things can make our pain go up or down, these things are not always obvious. These can be both physical and non-physical.  We begin to explore these factors in more detail today.

What other key information do we want you to take away from today?

  • Think about your pain and what’s contributing. Are there contributors that need to be addressed that perhaps haven’t been?
  • Fears, concerns or worries will always be a factor (large or small) in pain. Discuss these concerns with the right person – many myths exist that feed certain worries.  Unfortunately, many are perpetuated by health professionals.  Examples of common myths:


  • ‘Correct Posture’ – Myth!
  • ‘Always Tighten the Core’ – Myth!
  • Scan findings will always explain your pain. – Myth!
  • ‘Slipped’ discs, and spines ‘out of place’. – Myth!

Upcoming sessions will continue to explore different contributors to pain, and give practical examples of how to tackle many of these issues.


Sinking the boat


Session 1: How and Why Things Hurt

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Session 2: Retraining The Pain Systems. Start Here…

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Sessions 4 & 5: Time for (more) Action

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