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There really are not many videos we have been able to find online that explain pain production and the pain system clearly or accurately in one video (there are numerous that try but get certain elements wrong).  While this one is a little ‘full-on’ with lots of words it is accurate.

Boom-Bust – How this pattern of repeated flare ups prevents many people from recovering from persistent pain.

How “Buffers” go from useful to an Over-Protective System:

Written Resources

Greg Lehman “Recovery Strategies”. Here is a 10 page excerpt PDF most relevant to today’s session- START with this Pain- Greg Lehman, 10 page Excerpt. (If you want the whole 71pg document it’s here:

One of the most famous books about this topic is EXPLAIN PAIN by David Butler and Lorimer Moseley.  Available for purchase in hard copy or PDF at

The great companion workbook to Explain Pain is The Protectometer.  This helps work through your “DIMs and SIMs”.  Also available as an iPad app, Beleura usually has copies available in clinic. You DON’T necessarily need Explain Pain to accompany this book.

Read this blog post by a patient who found DIMs and SIMs enlightening and useful:

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