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New research on preventing Type 2 Diabetes in muture adults


A recent study in the United States has found something as simple as taking a 15-minute walk after each meal could prevent older people developing type-2 (also known as mature-onset or non-insulin dependent) diabetes.

Although short in duration, researchers believe the activity can control blood-sugar levels as effectively as a single longer 45 minute walk.

Blood-sugar levels typically increase following meals, so doing no activity after eating is likely the worst option for many elderly people. A key finding was that performing some exercise after each meal is “significantly more effective” at preventing the long term damaging effects of post meal blood sugar elevations in older people.

It doesn’t matter what type of activity you do, as long as you elevate the heart rate and actively work the large muscle groups. Therefore, walking at an easy to moderate pace is often the simplest option for most people, so why not give it a go!

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